Friday, 22 September 2017

Is Vic There?

I think he he is! The mini-tour with Vic Godard and The Bitter Springs is almost at an end. I've just got one more gig to go on Sunday night (24th October) at The Amersham Arms in New Cross.
Recently, I've been to The Musician in Leicester, (great kebab shop at the end of the road!) The Green Door Store in Brighton (Where I was late onstage for the Springs, turning up halfway through their set). The Music Hall in Ramsgate. (excellent fish and chips) and The Lexington (was officially a Springs gig but Vic turned up anyway.)
All of the venues that we visited were well run from a musicians perspective. All of the soundmen were great at what they did and we sounded fantastic each night.

I'm gearing up for another solo gig in BRIGHTON on THURSDAY 5th OCTOBER at HOTEL PELIROCCO on REGENCY SQUARE as a guest of top mod band PROPER. It looks like quite a swish venue and it's FREE to get in. I was originally going to do it solo acoustic, but now I've been asked to bring the band as well.