Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Serious Chord Squad Review

Recently a review of a live gig that SERIOUS CHORD SQUAD performed when supporting GENO WASHINGTON at THE HALF MOON in Putney.

The support band were also worthy of a mention, they are called The Serious Chord Squad, four guys, probably in their forties, who played nineteen sixties numbers. They were extremely good musicians and were tight (well rehearsed anyway); the bass player had a nice loose jazz style and the vocalist had a good range and a nice singing voice.  The drummer was steady and the lead guitarist was proficient.  They were singing sixties covers, but doing so with their own little twists, so it wasn't an attempt to be a tribute act of any sort. A good band, I would travel to see them again.

The solo project is gathering momentum. Last week I had a full rehearsal going through songs that would stand up and likely to be recorded. It went really well another rehearsal booked for next month and a day in the studio has been booked for February.

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