Sunday, 16 October 2016

From the Sidelines

Recently I've been performing at some local open mic venues. Last week I was at Henrys' Kitchen in Hampton Court which was Open Mic #4.

The songs I played were Money Can't Buy Me Love, Moving To The Country and It's Over. It's all just to test out the new material that I've been writing for a solo project. It's been going well and it looks like people are genuinely enjoying the songs.

For so many many years I've been happy to play lead guitar on the sidelines. But there have been a few bands in with lead singers who have just been absolute @/!£4*7?,)

Like Colin Gillmans' band. He couldn't sing or play guitar. When you made up a guitar solo for him he'd say "That's good but could you not play it so well can you make sound more basic."

Before that there was the Michael Lynch band. Nice songs but he treated his band members like dirt. Constantly changing his line up even when he had a line up of good musicians.

Then there was Dan Richards in The Apple Core Beatles. To be in a Beatles band you need to be able to sing and to harmonise. He couldn't do either. Then there was the guitar playing when he got to tricky bit he's just stop.

So, if these people can front a band then I certainly can have a go and possibly have a go of it.

I've got 8 songs ready to go and here's a teaser form a rough demo I made at home.


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