Sunday, 24 January 2016

Belgian Buns!

This weekend was a bit full on for a change. Saturday was a gig at the legendary 100 club with Serious Chord Squad supporting The Complete Stone Roses. We played a blinding set and went down very well with the crowd. I stayed with the rest of the band to watch The Complete Stone Roses and they were bangin'. Great musicians the lot of them. It takes someone very special to fill Reni's drumsticks and he did it. He had me transfixed! It makes up for last years shenanigans with "The Other Mod Band" and it seems like we're on an upward trajectory compared with them.
Sunday was a video shoot with The Bitter Springs. We were filming a video for "Some Muthas Do 'Ave 'Em" down at Linden Hall in Hampton. The storyline was that The Springs were hot footing it to Hampton Station to do a gig at THE O2 in London as The Foals had to cancel and as we ran past Linden hall Some locals asked us to provide the music for their line dancing class as some hoodies had stolen their ghettoblaster. We said yes and performed the song while they danced their line dancing and were about to be paid in Belgian buns and lemonade but they had been stolen as well! There was even a cameo appearance by Larry Dann who used to be the desk sergeant in The Bill and some Carry On films.

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