Thursday, 29 November 2012

One Step Beyond!

I've now finished my stint as a pit musician for the Epsom Playhouse Madness musical. "Our House." It was a great success with some full houses and a thank you to those who came to see the show.

Thanks too Phil Martin for the loan of the Wah-wah pedal - It came in very handy. All my gear functioned very well with no breakdowns or broken strings. I used the Gibson Les Paul Studio as the main guitar and it did the job well.

There's the possibility of a Bitter Springs gig in Italy during June 2013 - more news about that when it is confirmed but it will be good to see some Italian sunshine whilst i'm sitting here writing this while it is freezing cold outside!

I've been getting good feedback from people while I've been out and about, who were at the recent Bitter Springs gig at the Beveree during early November. They all said it was a great gig and they'd certainly come back to the next one. I'm still waiting to see the video where I jumped into the drum kit at the end of the gig.

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