Wednesday, 12 September 2012

In Demand!

The solo acoustic guitar album "While My (Acoustic) Guitar Gently Weeps is starting to sell on CD Baby. It must have been all those flyers I gave out at the international Beatles Week Festival which I played with recently with The Apple Core Beatles. It was great fun But I came back home with "Cavern Flu." It must have been those microphones as the same ones were probably used by about 90 diffrent bands throughout the weekend. It's so hot in the venues it's a great breeding ground for bacteria to multiply!

The Bitter Springs new album, "Everybody's Cup of Tea" is now finished and will be released in mid-January 2013. I was pleased with the outcome of the solo on the recording of "Leather Boots". It sounds a lot like the style of Suede's Bernard Butler - nice and grungey.

Recording bass is something new for me and I was invited by Bitter Springs violinist, Phil Martin to do 3 songs for his second album, the follow up to "Halfway to Paradise".

The session went very well and very quick as well.

It's good to be keeping busy. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

All Beatled Out!

I'm now back from gigging at The International Beatles Week Festival up in Liverpool. We all had a great time performing at the four shows. My favourite was the Cavern at Midnight on the Saturday. We really rocked the place, it was so hot down there and the crowd were up for it straight away. I was sweating so much it got into my guitar and it wouldn't work!

All the last minute stuff came good as well, hotels, train journeys and stand in bass players. I even got to sell some While My (Acoustic) Guitar Weeps CD's. We would certainly like to do it all again next year!

Guitar lessons for beginners will be starting up again at the White House in Hampton from Wednesday 19th September for 10 weeks.