Sunday, 13 May 2012

Those Of You In The Cheap Seats.....

This week I went for a big audition for the forthcoming production of "Let It Be" the Beatles musical over at the Gielgud Theatre in London's West End. 

It went better than expected. I was nervous before I got there but once up on stage I was was eager to  get on with it. I didn't want to bash out some lead riffs so I performed a couple of George Harrison songs, "I Need You" and "If I Needed Someone." 

I went along with Dan Richards and Joe Rogers from The Apple Core Beatles. Even if nothing comes of it we were interviewed by The Independent and had our photo taken a few times.

More Apple Core Beatles Gigs are being lined up. Hopefully there will be a Christmas gig at the White house, not the Home of Obama, but the community Centre in Hampton.

Other gigs are being postponed due the football. The gig at the Kings' Arms in Teddington clashes with The Champions League Final so that gig has had to be postponed until the 28th July.

Recently the Solo acoustic guitar album, "While My Acoustic Guitar Gently Weeps" was reviewed for the Minor 7th website.

Celine Keating review here

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