Sunday, 20 November 2011

New Guitar Addition

This week I invested in an Epiphone SG bought from eBay. I recently sold an Epiphone Emperor, which I wasn't playing so often, to free up some funds.

I'll be using the guitar for the Apple Core Beatles band, as it looks a bit like George Harrisons' SG that he used around 1966-1968.

The guitar arrived in great condition. A bit dusty, but, this was polished off and a new set of Ernie Ball strings put on. I used it a rehearsal last week and it sounded great, no feedback as it's a solid body.

Next couple of gigs on the horizon are with The Apple Core Beatles on FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER over at Bedfont Football and Social Club, The Orchard, Hatton Road, Bedfont, TW14 9QZ and starts around 9pm. It's FREE to get in as well.

I'll be playing bass with THE BITTER SPRINGS the next night SATURDAY 3rd DECEMBER at St.Pauls' Church, Brentford. Advance tickets are £9.00

Gig details here.....

Artwork has now started on the Acoustic Guitar album. The title is going to be "While my (acoustic) guitar gently weeps."