Monday, 27 June 2011

Been rehearsing with REPLICA the covers band during the last couple of Sundays in preparation for a Summer Ball over in Croydon this coming weekend. The rehearsals have been going well and I even got the Gibson 335 out and it sounded great, much better than the Les Paul Studio. We're going to be using the Floyd Effects' sound and lights so it should be great gig.

More BITTER SPRINGS gigs on the horizon see the gig list to the right of this page. I haven't been to Brighton for ages, not Since the Pretenderers played there a couple of years ago, probably 2008. The venue looks quite cool. It's called the Hydrant which, I'm presuming must be an old fire Station.  

Rare Show for the Bitter Springs outside London in celebration of their brilliant forthcoming single GARY GLITTER FAN CONVENTION c/w FREE TO KILL AGAIN
support from the wonderful Asbo Derek
free entrance 

SOLO GUITAR STUFF - The studio has been booked for mid-July. Only one more song to record then I can start mixing. I say mixing how do you mix one track as it's all acoustic guitar fingerstyle solos on one guitar. It'll just be EQing and beefing up the sound, levelling out the volume across all the tracks. Once that is done then it's time get it pressed and start work on the cover.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Video On You Tube

This week I had the time to start filming some videos of some fingerstyle guitar and uploading to YouTube.


Hopefully there will be more but over the next couple of weeks I've got to rehearse up some songs for the next gig which is with REPLICA the covers band. It's a Summer Ball for a large private school over in Croydon.